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EISA Legislation

Through our relationship with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Nidec Motor Corporation will keep you up to date on energy legislation regarding motors and motor-related products. While most of this information involves legislation in North America, we will provide you with news of motor-related energy legislation enacted around the world.

The Energy Independence and Security Act and What It Means To You

On December 19, 2010, commercial and industrial motor manufacturers and importers raised efficiencies to the NEMA Premium®† levels for all general purpose motors up to 600 volts, from 1 to 200 horsepower, in NEMA frame sizes. Additional categories of motors were raised to energy efficient levels.

What does this mean for your business?

  • The implementation of NEMA Premium®† and the elimination of the corresponding energy efficiency standards has removed models in both stock and configured categories.
  • All customers, whether OEM, reseller or end-user need to comply.
  • OEMs may require 3rd party certification of their equipment through UL® / CSA®.
  • End-user will see first cost go up, but will benefit from life cycle reduction in energy costs.

We make the transition EASY

Nidec Motor Corporation’s line of high performance commercial and industrial U.S. MOTORS® brand motors is designed to help industry reduce energy consumption and comply with EISA regulations.

All high performance motors carry a nameplate including both 50 and 60 Hz operating data, a NEMA Premium®† trademark and European IE efficiency marks, providing a clear means for both users and OEM’s to verify global regulatory compliance.

The NEMA Premium®† line also complies with recent Canadian and Mexican standards.

Want to learn more about motor efficiency and saving energy costs?

The online MotorPro® training tool features a new module on electric motor energy efficiency. Just visit www.usmotors.com/motorpro, and choose Module 3 for complete details on energy laws and efficiency —and on how you can reduce your energy usage and operating costs.


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†All non-Nidec Motor Corporation marks shown within this document are properties of their respective owners.