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Motor Drives


Typical Applications

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors and material handling
  • Fans and Blowers
  • Agitators
  • And other applications requiring precise speed control without a feedback device.

Pump Panel

The system-level inverter duty solution for agricultural irrigation from a single point of contact.  Designed to work seamlessly with U.S. MOTORS® brand inverter duty vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motors.

Pump Panel Product Page


Product Overview and Features

The AD700E, a member of the ACCU-Series™* family of variable speed products, is a cost-effective and easy to use general purpose drive, providing precise motor control and energy savings. With 14 basic parameters, the AD700 E low voltage drive offers quick and easy setup. The 50 parameters in total, offer a high degree of flexibility for a wide range of open and closed loop applications in food & beverage, packaging, conveyors, pumps, fans and many more.

The compact form factor of AD700E makes it the ideal choice where you have limited space available. The integrated I/O, Ethernet and fieldbus communications options allow you to easily connect with control and monitoring system. Furthermore the AD700-Optistick (optional) allows fast and accurate multiple drive setup by copying parameters from one drive to another at the touch of a button.


Product Overview and Features

The AD1000, a member of the ACCU-Series™* family of variable speed products, is a high-performance variable frequency drive that can reduce energy consumption by automatically adjusting to changing operating conditions in a wide range of water, wastewater, irrigation and other pump applications.  The AD1000 drive is designed with today’s pump system requirements in mind. Developed by pump automation experts at Nidec, the versatile and reliable AD1000 is designed for optimum performance and reliability with minimal maintenance. While virtually ‘plug and play’ for standard applications, the AD1000’s flexible, modular design can also be easily configured to meet the most challenging applications.

The AD700E and the AD1000 are members of the ACCU-Series family of variable speed motors, drives and panels.  

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