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RESCUE® permanent replacement condenser fan and direct drive blower motors ensure contractors always have the right motor on hand to get the job done.  RESCUE motors are easily installed and replace a variety of different horsepower applications eliminating the need for temporary substitutions, extra drive time back to the wholesaler, and emergency openings in the evening.


  • Multi-Horsepower Rated
  • All Angle Mounting
  • Flex Mounting with Kit 44
  • Belly Band Mounting with Kit 17
  • Resilient Mount utilizing 2.5" Hub Rings
  • Exclusive Rheem and Ruud Side Shell Holes
  • Extended Studs
  • Quiet Bearing System


    The RESCUE line of HVAC motors is part of the U.S. MOTORS® brand product family.  Ask for RESCUE, the motor which has earned first place in the market as The Ultimate Truck Stock Motor™.  

    RESCUE EcoTech® - The High Efficiency ECM upgrade for PSC blower motors

    The RESCUE EcoTech motor is an ECM replacement for a PSC blower.  Exclusive speed-control technology provides the efficiency of an ECM.  Installation is a snap.  RESCUE EcoTech drops into existing permanent split capacitor (PSC) direct drive blower applications, without complex wiring modifications or time-consuming changes to system controls.

    Electronically Controlled Motor (ECM) technology gives RESCUE EcoTech motors up to 82% efficiency, saving 25% or more of the watts in A/C or heating mode and 75% of the watts in circulation mode.   Updated designs are now dual voltage (115/230V) and multi-horsepower, so one size, or at most two, fits all your needs.

    RESCUE® PSC Motors – Condensers and Direct Drive Blowers

    RESCUE PSC motors, designed for outdoor condensing units, cover a wide range of horsepower and mounting application requirements. These totally enclosed air over, ball bearing motors can be used in any position. Extended mounting studs and side shell holes for venture-type mounting make installation easy.  A single RESCUE® model can easily replace hundreds of other discrete horsepower motors. Designed in 5.0” or 5.6" diameter, 825 and 1075 rpm models, these motors are built with two specific windings to ease adaptation to the needed HP. Added material prevents overheating at lower loads, improving efficiency levels.

    RESCUE® models designed for air handler or furnace applications cover a range of horsepower values from 3/4 to 1/8HP in 825 or 1075 rpm. Extended mounting studs, resilient rings and side shell holes enable these motors to replace almost any 5.6" blower motor.  The contractor simply selects the speed taps necessary for the application, and in doing so can repair the equipment and fine tune the system's heating mode air flow. The larger 3/4 HP models come with ball bearings to withstand the loads presented by the larger blower wheels in today's high efficiency furnaces. These motors have four windings, making them an outstanding replacement choice with a simple change of speed and capacitor

    RESCUE® 3.3 Evaporator Motors

    RESCUE® 3.3” motors for refrigeration evaporators, are designed for easy installation.  Single voltage models are built with the exclusive “Dual Cord” to match up to Bohn®†, Heatcraft®†, Krack®† or Larkin®† equipment. For the technician needing product flexibility, the dual voltage RESCUE 3.3 fits the bill. All models are reversible PSC designs which provide up to 40% energy savings over old shaded pole motors common in older equipment.

    RESCUE® Liberty™

    RESCUE® Liberty™ condenser fan and direct drive blower motors deliver all the premium features of a multi-horsepower motor.  The versatility of the motor line eliminates the need for contractors to carry multiple motors savings time, space and money.
    RESCUE Liberty motors are American made – Built in the Princeton, Indiana, Nidec manufacturing facility.*
    *NOTE: of domestic and imported components

    MOJAVE® Condenser Motors for Extreme Conditions

    Condensing units today are built to perform in ambient conditions up to 130°F. In certain areas, temperatures may put extra stress on the unit and the condenser fan motor. When you need that extra cushion of performance, look to U.S. MOTORS® branded products to bring you the motor that is at home in the desert – the MOJAVE® motor.


    • RESCUE EcoTech®
    • Rescue EcoTech® Condensers and Blowers
    • Extended Mounting Studs
    • Ball Bearings
    • Side Shell & Lead End Mount Holes where applicable
    • 825 and 1075 RPM's
    • 5.0" (42 Fr) and 5.6" (48 Fr) versions
    • Standard motors are rated 60C
    • Mojave versions are rated 70C
    • 3/4 - 1/6 HP

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