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Severe Duty Motors

U.S. MOTORS® brand 841 PLUS® and CORRO-DUTY® motors are designed for severe process industrial applications. They meet industry expectations for service standards and quality. These three-phase motors are all cast iron construction, NEMA Premium®† efficient, using inverter grade insulation and corrosion resistant mill & chemical duty paint. They are precision balanced, have a 1.15 service factor, and meet other NEMA standard requirements including 40°C ambient conditions, Class F insulation and NEMA Design B. These motors are usable up to 3,300 feet above sea level.

Stocked severe duty motors are available from 1 – 400 HP in 3600/1800/1200 and 900 RPM. Severe duty motors are offered in NEMA Premium®† efficient basic product types CE and TCE to meet federally legislated efficiency levels. All copper windings and low-loss stator laminations provide maximum efficiency.


  • Type CE 841 PLUS
  • Type CEF 841 PLUS Footless

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