Switched Reluctance - Brochures

U.S. MOTORS® brand Switched Reluctance motors & controllers are targeted at industrial applications where users may consider the use of a conventional variable speed drive, or alternatively where the benefits of Switched Reluctance technology are appropriate to the application, examples include:

  • Fundamentally robust construction and straightforward operation, well suited to operation in demanding environments.
  • The potential to eliminate speed-increasing gears or belts by providing a direct drive at speeds above conventional 2-pole (3600 RPM) ratings.
  • The ability to produce maximum starting torque without the high transient supply currents associated with direct-on-line starting.
  • The potential to eliminate fluid couplings in applications requiring controlled starting torque under high load conditions.
  • The ability to produce higher levels of both continuous and overload torque than the equivalent frame size of induction motor. 

The promotional literature shown below provides more information.


Brochure - U.S. MOTORS® brand Industrial SR Range

SR Drive® is a registered mark of Nidec SR Drives Ltd, Harrogate, UK.
SR Drive® technology is used under license  from Nidec SR Drives Ltd, Harrogate, UK.