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TITAN® Large Frame Motors For Heavy Industry

By the time the TITAN® name was introduced to the marketplace in 1976, the company had been manufacturing above-NEMA frame motors for more than a decade…first in Los Angeles, CA, then in Prescott, AZ.  These large machines were built primarily for fluid pumping.  As pump manufacturers built bigger pumps, the motors needed to drive them increased in size to meet the demand.

Today, large AC horizontal and vertical motors are manufactured and tested in Nidec’s ISO9001-2008 and API-certified Mena, Arkansas facility. 

TITAN motors are available in a variety of frame sizes and enclosures, both stock and engineered-to-order.  These machines are built to withstand the rigors of the oil and gas, pulp and paper, wastewater, electric power, steel, forestry, cement and mining industries. 

TITAN Vertical Motors

TITAN 5812/5813

Nidec is continually improving the TITAN motor line to meet customer needs for performance, efficiency and reliability.  The new TITAN 5812/5813 verticals are manufactured using a cast iron frame instead of a fabricated frame enabling production of the winding and frame assembly in parallel rather than in series.  This reduces production time and ensures faster delivery to customers.  TITAN motors also incorporate the latest, improved rotor fabrication process for extra reliability.

TITAN 6813

The cast iron frame 6813 TITAN vertical motor is designed for applications in the water/wastewater, mining, and oil and gas industries.  The new frame construction, built with higher horsepower ratings, delivers a motor with less design variation and one which produces consistent performance. 

Constructed in a single piece frame along with cast iron upper and lower brackets, the easy assembly ensures a more robust and reliable motor and a shorter lead time for end users. Additionally, some of the current 8000 frame ratings will now be produced in the new 6813 frame size.  This feature gives end users a high horsepower motor with a smaller footprint.

The benefit of a cast iron frame compared to a welded fabricated sheet metal frame is a motor with fewer components that can cause variations in performance.  The cast iron frame is a single piece which makes assembly much easier.

The ability to increase horsepower ratings in a smaller footprint is another benefit of the new 6813 frame motor.  The newly designed cooling air intake provides more efficient cooling, so more horsepower can be packed into a smaller frame.

TITAN Horizontal Motors

The TITAN 841 449 through 5800 frame motors are designed to exceed the industry’s most stringent IEEE 841 standards.  These machines are commonly used in severe duty environments for pumps, compressors, fans, blowers and other material processing applications.    They are idea for constant speed or inverter duty applications typically found in the petroleum, chemical, pulp and paper, wastewater, automotive and mining industries.

TITAN 5000/5800 frame, totally enclosed fan-cooled motors contain features required for safe, reliable operation in severe duty applications.  This motor has received the API Monogram from the American Petroleum Institute.  The API endorsement on this product symbolizes Nidec’s commitment to delivering quality, value and customized solutions to customers’ application challenges.

TITAN 5000 Frame Horizontal

The new TITAN 5000 frame horizontal motors allow for five different mounting positions with height adjustments for the conduit box for field matching of the existing motor being replaced. The motors come with tri-drilled holes for feet mounting. They are capable of IEC 315 frame mounting, and also available as designed, built and tested to API 547 Standard with optional API®† Monogram nameplate. A top mounted conduit box is also available on all TITAN WPI motors.

The ODP/WPI and WPII motors are field convertible from F1 to F2 without disruption of the motor. ODP/WPI motors can also be modified for F3 assembly position.

This redesign enables distributors to offer their customers a more flexible motor that will be easier to install.

The TITAN 5000 frame motors can be provided with an industry-leading, self-contained sleeve bearing system.


  • Cast iron or heavy fabricated steel welded frame construction and rigid bearing support results in a concentric air gap and very low vibration levels.
  • Precision testing of high quality parts ensures the finished motor operates at peak performance with low vibration and sound.
  • Durable stators are random or form wound with a full Class F insulation system.
  • Precision rotors, either air ducted or non-ducted, and induction brazing for reduced stress and hot spots in the joint, prevent the rotor from changing over the operating range of the motor.
  • High performance RENK®† sleeve bearings on the horizontal 5000 frame open and 5000/5800 TEFC frames.
  • Vertical motors are available in normal, medium, high and extra high thrust designs. This allows customers to get the exact design for their application.

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